Min A Sohn is a graphic designer.

Initial sketch for K-Beauty Boing

Sephora Design

K-Beauty Boing is a project that promotes Korean beauty products. The concept of this campaign was to highlight K-pop culture by using eye-catching colors. I experimented with different forms and shapes for the Boing. The design was finalized with the speech bubble shape to make the product speak for itself.

Final Version of K-Beauty Boing. Designed in collaboration with Tessa Lund and Bek Gilsenan 

Hair Hydration Sample Set Boing is a project that promotes customers to buy hair products. The concept of this Boing was to have small illustrations of water droplets and different types of hair illustrations scattered around. I worked from the concepting stage, props composition, to typography around the products.

Final version of Hair Hydration Sample Set Boing.
Worked closely with designer Mary Hu from digital team

This Mini Moment was promotion for it Cosmetics CC cream. This project had two artboards that differed in size and shape. I was limited to using black and white striped background and given pictures of comps. I worked on the typography and composition of comps. 

Final Version of This Mini Moment. Worked with Tessa Lund and Bek Gilsenan

Left is the initial sketch for Inner beauty endcap ( backpanel design for new products ) and right is the final version of the design. Worked closely with Senior Art Director Tessa Lund